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Cherokee Language Machine Translator  v.06.05.10

Set of programs to map Cherokee to English and to support machine translation of English into the Cherokee Language. Most of the tools also perform word synthesis. Will translate/import wikipedia dumps. Written by Jeffrey Vernon

Databene benclipse  v.0.5.9

Databene Benclipse is an Eclipse plugin for Benerator. It strongly simplifies and speeds up test data generation by providing a project wizard, templates, a handy JDBC wizard, a tool that creates database dumps as DbUnit file and a built-in HSQL

DebuggerFramework  v.1.0

A front end of any dump analyzer ,its purpose to assist developers to analyze dumps generated by processors and find the reason of

CapPacketDecryptor  v.1.1

CapPacketDecryptor is a MapleStory packet decrypting solution which reads .pcap files, decrypts the packets in them, and dumps them to another .pcap file, while reconstructing TCP

Cross Crash  v.

Cross-Crash is an enhancement to the existing Crash utility that analyzes the linux kernel core dumps by Linux Kernel Crash Dump (LKCD). It allows the analysis of core dumps on hosts that are not of the same architecture the dumps were originated

CVS-Summary  v.1.0.4

CVS-Summary is a program that generates an HTML summary of CVS activity, very similar to that provided by the popular ViewCVS script. CVS-Summary differs from ViewCVS in that it dumps the summary information to static HTML files which can be served

DistrictMasterPHP  v.20070302

For Boy Scout districts of the Boy Scouts of America. This web software takes report dumps from BSA's ScoutNet database and makes the information readable by the appropriate volunteers. Volunteers can suggest updates to

Dumpnet  v.2.1.0

dumpnet is a collection of bash scripts that allows you to backup multiple servers simultaneously. You can do incremental file system dumps with tar, dump and rsync, backup databases and much more. AIDE can also easily be

HL2 movie maker assistant  v.1.0

MakeMovies is a utility that automates the processs of creating virtualdub scripts for encoding batch jobs of Half-Life 2 frame dumps. Used for creating Half-Life 2 videos from your recorded

NFGDump  v.1.0

nfgdump (Ntfs-Fat-Generic-dump) is a Win32/Linux tool that dumps/restores NTFS (including 3.1=XP), COMPRESSED NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and arbitrary (generic) partitions. Dump files support compression, encryption, splits, page file content removal,

PDBHead  v.1.0

This is a tool to help PalmOS developers to work with .PDB/.PRC database files.It shows all infos from the header and dumps

Python/CRASH API  v.86.64

Python framework to access Linux dumps programmatically from 'crash' and tools written using

Radio Record  v.0.6.2

RadioRecord is a simple utility that records, encodes, buffers, and dumps MP3 audio

Thread Dump Viewer  v.1.1

Thread dump viewer is a powerful tool for thread dump analysis. Opens thread dumps from Sun JDK for Windows and Solaris, HP JDK and IBM JDK for Windows, Linux and

WERE  v.rc

Windows Error Reporting Eliminator (WERE) is a dll that will stop the sending of your dumps to Microsoft. It allows you to disable WER on the program you are adding the dll to. The dll can be configured to create a full dump locally and

Lockviz  v.1.01

This tool allows the user to load, visualize and analyse Java thread dumps that are generated by Visual VM. Please see the Wiki for a Quick Start guide and tutorials.

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